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Simple Tips to Create Great Name Card Design

by Anaiis Grabeel

In this era of technology, electronic mail is getting way more popular than the conventional way of mailing. However, in many companies whether small or large corporates, printed name cards that are sent in the traditional way is also still used on many occasions. Although it takes more effort compared to the technological advances of today’s way of correspondence, printed name cards are still deemed important and often seen as more professional and formal.

In order to enhance the look of the name cards sent by companies, they often have custom printed name cards. Name card printing from a supplier are widely used for the conventional way of mailing as it creates the impression of credibility and professionalism that is very important for any business. It also helps in promoting brand awareness in a subtle way yet very beneficial for the brand and company. Thus, name card printing cannot be taken lightly. There are a lot of things to consider in its design to make it interesting so that you can convey a strong image and make people perceive your company in a positive way that you prefer. Find how you can do it below in this article.

1. List Down What to Include

Contemplate on what elements and information that are important to be put in your name card. Have everything narrowed down in detail and try to see how they come out in design before you go into the step of having it printed. Commonly, the most important item to put on your name card is the company name and logo, as well as contact details so that your prospects, clients, and business partners can easily find ways to contact you at times needed. You can even include your company slogan and social media handles as well as website address if available so that they can explore more about your company and provide them more information about you to dismiss all uncertainty in doing business with you.

2. Branding

It is best to have a specific palette of colors and fonts for your company and stick to them. Make your design consistent. Not only on your name card, but across all media whether offline or online, especially on the rest of your business stationery to create an overall cohesive look. Keep a limited range of colors and use no more than two fonts for your design to avoid making it look too overdone and cluttered.

3. Simplicity is best

Always avoid cluttering up the design of your name card. It is sometimes difficult to do as you want to provide as many information as possible, but as stated at the first point, you must narrow down to only the most important ones. If there are too much on your name card, it will only confuse the reader.

4. Proofreading

This is often forgotten and even overlooked, but proofreading is essential for all work that involves writing. Scan for any misspelling and errors in your design. Not only that, but proofreading should also include the lookout for issues with spacing, punctuations, and mistakes in any information included in the design.

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