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Questions About Custom Wax Sealing

by Anaiis Grabeel

Custom wax sealing used to be a very popular way of securing a document, especially as they get sent through the mail. Not only for safety reasons, the wax seal was also important for identifying the sender because it holds a certain mark or logo that only a certain individual, organization, position, or occupation has in the country.

Now, in this technology era, sending handwritten letters is no longer popular. Thus, the popularity and the usage of a wax seal also plummets. However, many people still take an interest in it for recreational purposes, such as art or decorations. What you may not know is that big companies sometimes use the wax seal as well to enhance the impression of professionalism and propriety in providing service.

If you’re interested in using a wax seal for whatever purpose you have in mind, here are several most basic questions that are frequently asked.

1. Can I Use Wax Seal Stamp Anywhere?

Technically, you can. But it may be against the rule or regarded as unfamiliar A wax for the seal has different characteristics that may suit certain types of surface or curvature. The more curved a surface is, you may need a more flexible type of wax that can really adjust to the shape.

2. How to Use the Stamp and Wax?

Simply putting it, first, you have to heat up the wax until it melts. Then, you make a circle that has a similar diameter with your stamp. Wait for it to turn a little hardened and quickly press your stamp against the cooling down wax until it completely cools down and hardens. With that, you have left an imprint using wax sealing.

3. Where Can I Get the Equipment for Wax Sealing?

Commonly, you can find everything in a craft shop. The glue gun and wax are available there. As for the stamp, you may need to custom order it. First thing first, you have to design what kind of stamp mark do you want to have. Then, after it’s done, head down to a stamp manufacturer and have your stamp created. Now, you have the stamp, the gun, and the wax sticks. What you want to do first is to load the wax seal sticks into the glue gun and heat it up so it will be ready for action anytime.

  • Which is the Best Type of Wax Seal?

A lot of learning by doing is important in the attemp of getting the hang of wax sealing. As you may have already been aware, there is a large variety of waxes. They may come in different shapes, but they also often come in different materials and quality as well. Not all waxes are the same and not all of them is compatible with the equipment you have. As you explore more about the matter, you will be able to understand that the type of wax is the golden ticket to peace. It doesn’t have to be the best one, but it is enough being pleasant.

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