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Product Packaging Design

by Anaiis Grabeel

A business should consider giving their clients their best experience for them to keep coming back and buy different products, hence why product packaging’s design should be something that must be taken care of. The designs of your brand will not only be display on social media and other digital pages but also will be shown on every product a client purchase from your store. Sometimes, if the packaging is nice enough, it could become one of the many reasons why a client buys something again. 

  1. What is product packaging and how does it work? 

Weather it is an envelope, a box or a packet, a product packaging is a very important part of your product’s presentation. The material of the packaging could vary and so does the design. Product packaging has different layers such as an outer packaging, an inner packaging and a product packaging. A customer will buy something from your store and will immediately receive it well-packed, so the design printed on the package will be their first look on the purchased object (and that is the reason why the design should be something appealing). If the package is nice enough, they may even get the product for a second time.  

  1. What should we know before creating a product packaging design?  

It may seem easy, but if you do not know the product very well, then the design may fail. Before getting your hands into it, you should at least know what the product is, who is the target audience for this specific product and how are they going to buy the item. Have a conversation with the client and set some things straight that will be crucial for the developing of the design. The first question may seem easy but how well do you know the product itself? What is it that you are going to buy? How was it made? Think about the main aspects of the product and how they could help you to create the perfect design! 

  1. Now, where should we start? 

If the brand already has a colors scheme as part of their visual identity, then it is a great start. The package may represent the product as part of a whole brand, so working with the same color scheme and typography is essential. If they do not have a branding logo yet, you could start by giving this brand an identity which will later be put into their products and labels. Take inspiration from other packages that you like: do they tend to be simpler, or they go over the top with their designs? Remember that the package may need to contain not only the things that represents the brand itself but also the description of what it contains inside and other additional information such as expiration dates and batch numbers such as make up products or even food.  

Now that you know how to start, it is time to get our heads in the design and start creating wonderful product packages

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