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Name card: is it still important and how to get one?

by Beth D

If you are an office worker, you must be familiar with the small tool that holds great importance which is the name card. A name card is a tool that works by pressing two plates against two sides of a piece of paper and leaves an embossed impression on the paper. Usually, companies emboss the company logo or mark with a name card. The point of using a name card on a paper is to authenticate the document and represent the company directors as they proceed with the act of document authorization.

For that purpose, the name card of a company is very important, since it acts as the official signature of the whole corporation, not just an individual. The use of a name card cannot be taken lightly.

A name card used to be absolutely mandatory to authorize a document and have it legally issued by the company. In recent years, the existence of a name card’s mark is no longer an obligatory requirement for a document to be authorized for release. A name card’s importance has washed off because in order to authorize a document, a company now only needs the signature of the company’s director(s). You can visit www.kiasuprint.com about it or call them up.

Despite it no longer being mandatory, a lot of companies still use a name card for the purpose of what it has always been serving because it makes the deed done by the company more proper and professional looking. So, many documents that are issued by various companies now have the signature of the directors and the mark or logo of their company embossed by a name card.

How do I get a name card?

First thing first, you have to make sure that your company is already registered with the government. After getting the company approved and registered, you will receive a company registration number. Never lose or forget this registration number, because it needs to be present in the design for your company’s name card. After you’ve acquired those numbers, you should input them into your name card design before you go see a name card manufacturer. A good name card is usually kept simple and elegant to show the quality and level of your company and leave a better impression of the recipient of your correspondence activity. Now, after you are satisfied with the design of your name card, you can contact a name card manufacturer and let them handle the rest of the job.

Generally, a name card does not take a long time to produce. You can get your seal within a couple of working days. Moreover, there are some places that can get it done within twenty-four hours. Of course, this quick service will cost you more money.

The quality of the name card you can get from manufacturers may vary, depending on the skills, equipment, experience, and materials of choice. So, you need to try and go around several places and see if their output of production meets your expectations and if the price they offer matches the production budget of your company.

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