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Levelling Up Your Greeting Card by Doing These Things

by Beth D

The greeting card is a medium that is quite simple but has a large enough impact. In terms of what? In terms of conveying a message to someone. You can make a greeting card in your nearest greeting card printing. If you are looking for tips and ways to make greeting cards, watch this article to the end! 

1. Pick the Right Material 

To increase the level of your greeting card, you need a sturdy card material. It allows the card to last longer, it will save your money in the long run. Recipients will perceive the card as somewhat expensive and exclusive. The options you have when choosing the material can be consulted to the printing shop. You need to be specific when explaining your desire for good material. You can also find out about good material for the card by online searching. 

2. Write It Yourself 

The content on the greeting card can vary depending on what event you want to give it to. The greeting card comes with a preset design so you can write the content directly. That way, the card has exclusivity that it is hand-written by you, the recipient will feel like a special person, and your card will be more memorable. Maybe the efficiency will decrease because you have to write them manually or one by one. Therefore, you can write this greeting card only for special people. Other than that, you can use the one that already has the words/greeting in it. 

3. Pick the Design 

If you design it yourself, then you need to pay attention to several things. The first thing is that you are advised to use a simple design. The simple design will allow you to put pieces of information in the right order. You can search for simple design ideas online, or you can use a design that you like. Suppose you have something special with the recipient. Then you can use it and manifest it into a drawing/design. 

4. Use Colour Combinations 

There are many colour palette ideas and their combinations on various online platforms for free. Looking for ideas can open your mind to a variety of colours that you can use. why do you need to use a colour combination? Because the colour combination on your card allows you to give it more confidence. Because a monotone card is boring and less memorable. When you design with multiple colours, make sure the setting is on CMYK. The colour result will be better and precise. 

5. Get the Right Decorations 

Creating a simple design on your card does not mean you are limiting yourself to using decoration designs to make it more beautiful. You still need to use decorations, but only those related to the theme of the card you are giving. When you want to give a card for someone’s birthday, then you need to consider using birthday decorations. Such as pictures of cakes, balloons, and others. It’s the little things like that that make your greeting cards higher level and more memorable. Good luck! 

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