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How To Make Stickers That Attract Attention

by Anaiis Grabeel

Sticker printing is one of the most moderate and affordable ways to showcase your brand, and a little inventive reasoning goes far toward helping your company to stand out. Here are a few thoughts for designing eye-catching stickers: 

1. Make the right design 

Try not to waste an incredible sticker design on low quality work area printing. A top-notch vinyl in printing a sticker produces a thicker, more solid that feels great in your potential customer and adds an air of credibility to your image or brand. What’s more, numerous printers, for example, Sticker Printing in Singapore offers you UV stickers with solid colour, large format, and reverse print to enable your stickers to stand out. 

2. Choose Rounded Shape 

A plumber might use a pipe logo for his work, as well as a barber who will use a hair image on his logo. You might want to consider using a slightly different image or logo in the layout view, for example like using a circular image rather than a basic box shape. 

3. Be Bright 

Use bright primary colors on your sticker design. This will make people more interested to see. Besides, if you want to make a small sticker, then also consider the contrast you have to make so that the writing can be easily read. Make sure you use a type of font that is easily recognizable and readable such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri. Also, distinguish the font color that you use with the background color. There are several conditions you should use, that is, do not unite the two bright colors in the same place. Instead, you use light colors on the text and slightly darker colors on the background, or vice versa

4. Pick the Right Phrasing 

As you know, the sticker sizes vary from small to large. For that, you have to make the best use of this small space to get your message across. Unfortunately, most stickers made by companies rely solely on company logos and taglines, even though they are effective enough to attract people’s attention, don’t forget that stickers have certain promotional messages that are more than just logos and taglines. For example, you can include your URL and online business platform. 

5. Choose the Material 

This is no less important, the choice of material for your stickers. If you plan to place the sticker in an open space exposed to the weather, then you need to provide a layer of vinyl for the sticker to last a long time. Similarly, waterproof stickers, you need certain types of materials such as BOPP. Many types of material can be used to make your stickers. It also depends on your needs. Make sure you choose the right material to use on your stickers. 

Stickers can directly get a response from people, as if an instant recall from a brand. Stickers also tend to be stronger and durable to ensure the visibility of the people watching. You can use the service of Sticker Printing in Singapore if you need it. There are many choices and configurations you can do. Good luck! 

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