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Four Advantages of a Self Ink Stamp for Business

by Beth D

A self ink stamps used to be a really important office tool that needs to be owned by all businesses. A company has the main purpose of authorizing important documents so that they can be released formally by the company. Without the mark of a self ink stamp, the document won’t be regarded as valid.

However, in the last several years, there are new rules due to legal provisions that made self ink stamp no longer an obligatory necessity. Due to said new laws, a document can get authorized simply by getting it signed by the company directors or the people that have been appointed by them formally.

Despite the law, the company director still has a say in deciding whether the company requires a self ink stamp in order to authorize documents or not. Some think that a company seal is still needed and some not. For ones who don’t think that the company needs a company seal, here are some reasons why a company may still need a company seal now.

1. Overseas business

As your company grows, you might start doing business with larger corporates. It is not impossible that you might have the chance to partner up with a foreign company. Now, you must know and remember that not every country has the same rule, meaning that there are still several countries out there that require the existence of a company seal for document authorization. For these occasions, you must have your own company seal ready. A company seal will help you in authorizing documents abroad so that they can be deemed valid by overseas courts et cetera. It is always best to be ready before it happens.

2. Look more professional

Even though it is no longer a must, imprinting the mark of a company seal can make the document you authorize look more proper. This will reflect your professionality in doing jobs, as the recipient of the document and whoever sees it will be able to reckon your company as one that is more formal and detailed. A company seal gives off an elegant look that may impress whoever sees it.

3. Avoid mistake

By having to leave a mark of a company seal after authorizing a document by signatures of the company officers or directors, you will be able to be reminded to double check everything before the finalization. Imprinting the company seal mark on the paper means that the decision is final and there should be no mistake in whatever stated there. The company seal will be a reminder for you to pay attention to the details of the document, making sure that it is free of any possible mistake from the very beginning to the end.

4. Convenient

In some cases, the signatures to authorize a document can be replaced by a company seal. The company seal will authorize the document on behalf of the company officers or directors if they are away and there is a document that needs to be authorized as soon as possible. This will come in handy in urgent situations.

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