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A Guide on How to Design the Best Roll Up Banner

by Anaiis Grabeel

Do you want to advertise your brand/service/products at the exhibition and trade show? Are you searching for a cost-effective promotional tool to grab the attention of the targeted audience? If yes, then nothing works much better than the roll-up banner. Roll up banner is one of the vital tools for marketing and makes you reach the audience much easily without spending more. It serves as the fire and forgets advertising. Put the banner in the place where people able to read it when moving faster. 

When they look at the banner, they start reading the message and take whatever they want. Due to this, it is considered as the best addition to your point of sale/point of contact material. Keep in mind that choosing the roll up banner is not enough to take unlimited benefits. Getting the right amount of information and design is essential to create a significant impact on the customers. Continue reading to know some valuable tips to design the roll-up banner, which generates a more substantial impact!

Tips for designing the roll up banner

Take a glance at the tips, which helps you to develop the roll-up banner for your business!

  • Always place your company logo and vital information at the top of the roll-up banner because it is the first place in which new viewers look. Followed by, fix the main message at the eye level for easy ready and grab the audience’s attention when they walk. Give enough attention to design and font style for easy reading.
  • Usually, people read from top to bottom or left to right, so that layout the flow of information on your roll up banner by keeping these things in mind. Always keep the relevant information only in the banner. Thus, you can able to reach the targeted audience much more comfortably.
  • Every viewer wishes to access images on their banners. Ensure you are accessing high-quality photos in the banner to grab the audience’s attention. If you want to use print to ready photos, then ensure they are saves as the CMYK instead of RGB. Check the resolution is 300dots per inch because it gives such an excellent clarity and viewing experience.
  • One of the essential aspects, which help your roll up banner stand out at the trade show, is color. Be careful when selecting the colors because they either make or breaks the banner. Go with the corporate colors, which work well for your logo. Understand the impact of the background color in the banner because it only attracts the audience’s attention firstly. To attract customers, you can go for bright colors such as orange and red than black and grey.
  • Ensure you are using the right font size, format, and spacing, which grab the attention of the audience quickly. It should give a space for the audience to read the information. Add proper graphic and visual design into the banner. Select the right banner size and design it aesthetically to enjoy unlimited benefits.  

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