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7 Learning Sites Every Entrepreneur Must Visit

by Isabella Faria

When it comes to starting the business of your dreams, you not only need relevant news about the industry and anecdotes that can inspire you, but you also need quality spaces to learn.

Building a successful company takes hours of study and knowledge to determine the correct practices that will take your project to where you want it to be. For that reason, we share with you this list of the seven learning sites every entrepreneur must visit.

  1. Udemy.

If you want to learn everything you need to know to start your business, you can’t forget about Udemy. This is an educational website where you can find about 150,000 courses that include training on financing, investing, programming, accounting analysis, and habits to succeed.

  • Mixergy.

Mixergy is the website of Andrew Warner, a well-known man in the startup industry due to his incredible annual sales -which reached more than $ 30 million in twelve months. The purpose of this blog is to help other entrepreneurs learn the techniques that this very successful businessman implemented. To do this, he created a course section with very useful and complete alternatives. It is one of the best entrepreneurship websites of 2020.

  • Coursera.

For all those who are looking for online trainings, Coursera is one of the most favorable alternatives. This website has about 100 educational partnerships with some of the top universities in the world. We include it in this list since, for entrepreneurs, it offers classes in the areas of innovation, business, business growth, data management, among others.

  • OpenCulture.

Although this is not an educational platform as such, OpenCulture collects and shares with its visitors many free academic resources from the Internet. Thanks to this initiative, it has a list of more than 150 free online business courses for all those entrepreneurs who want to learn more about companies and business management.

  • Alison.

If you want to know the tactics and tips of the most successful companies in the world, then this is the ideal learning site for you. Alison lists courses from the biggest companies today, including Microsoft and Google. Through it, entrepreneurs can enroll in free classes on economics, finance, and Enterprise skills, for example.

  • LearnVest.

This is another of the learning sites that every entrepreneur must visit. LearnVest is a website focused on money, both on a business and personal side. Its content is very comprehensive and offers finance courses to help business owners know how to manage their money.

  • edX.

This is a free learning site where you can find more than 300 courses on several topics, including some on decision making, financial analysis, and entrepreneurship. You can participate in any of its alternatives. However, if you are looking to learn about the Enterprise industry, edX has many specific options for you, in addition, you can visit these sites to learn more:

1. Moconews.net           

2. Lonestartimes.com   

3. KissMyDear.com.tw  

4. Mokis.tw       

5. LifeDaily.tw

Now that you know all the learning sites where you can find free courses for entrepreneurs, what do you need to start your new business? Don’t wait any longer and let your dream project begin!

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