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4 Keys to Making Your Foam Boards Poster Work Optimally

by Isabella Faria

We can see that more and more people or companies are making foam board posters for their specific purposes now. You may not realize it, but foam board posters are placed in many familiar places that we often pass or go, such as in shops or maybe at trade shows. But have you noticed any of them?  

If you are thinking about making a foam board poster, then there is no reason for not making your poster work optimally. You don’t want to just hang up your foam board poster without anyone noticing it, right? So, you can apply some of the tips or keys below to make your foam board poster work optimally. 

1. Determine Your Goals and Make A Plan 

To make your foam board poster works optimally, identifying your goals is the initial key that you should follow. Why? Because you cannot make your poster work optimally without exactly knowing what the poster is for? Also, once you have decided what your goal is, then it can help you to identify who your target audience is. Is that matter? Yes! Identifying the audience allows you to make a better plan for what you want to do with your poster to grab the target audience’s attention and achieve your goals.  

2. Make Sure All Information or Text Is Legible 

You cannot make your foam board poster work optimally without making all the information legible. But how? Here are a few things you can do and follow about that! 

  • Avoid making the text too small. Choose the right font size 
  • Set a font type that is easy for everyone to read 
  • Select a font colour that contrasts with the background 
  • Are there any words the audience should notice first? You can set it in bold! 

3. Outdoors or Indoors? Make Some Adjustments! 

If your poster is easily damaged, how can it work optimally? Because of that, in this third key, you should make some adjustment when making the poster. Start asking yourself, where would you put the poster? It’s okay if you have no specific place for now, but make sure that you know whether the poster will be placed outdoors or indoors. With that information, you can make an adjustment, especially about the inks. To have a durable foam board poster, you need to print your poster at a foam board printing service with inks that will be suitable for indoor use or outdoor environments.  

4. Create an Appearance That Catches People’s Attention 

Your poster should not be hung without anyone noticing it. So, you have to make your foam board poster catches people’s attention. Here are a few things that you can do for that! 

  • If you use some pictures or photographs, only include professional and high-quality pictures or photographs! 
  • The appearance of your poster is determined by many things, including the quality of the print. So, choose a trusted and experienced printing service that offers high-quality prints for your foam board poster. 
  • Avoid overly design. 
  • Use more icons to visualize what you want to convey to the audience.

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