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3 Types of Paper for Certificate Printing

by Beth D

Designing a certificate involves choosing the right words to put, the proper fonts, a good layout to accommodate all the content that is to be displayed on it, and even choose the appropriate image or graphics to make it look better. Other than that, choosing the right type of paper for certification printing is not any less important because only with a good quality paper, a certificate can truly shine. The right choice of paper can make your design look better by being able to display better colors, crisper images, and provide better durability as well.

There are several different types of papers that are most common for certificate printing. Read more below to learn more about them:

1. Parchment Paper

A parchment paper is one type of paper for certification printing that you can choose. This is one of the most commonly used types of paper with distinct characteristics of being lightly tinted that makes it able to not interfere with the text, image, or graphic that are to be printed on it. With a parchment paper, there are not many things to worry about and you can design your certificate freely. Parchment paper comes in different types like Southworth Parchment Paper, Staedler Calligraphy Parchment Paper, Neenah Astroparche Papers, and many more. They may have different qualities and characteristics as well as colors you have to be familiar with before making a decision to use it.

2. Linen and Laid Paper

Linen paper, as the name goes, looks and feels like a linen fabric. It promotes subtle embossed texture as well as a pattern of crosshatch that makes it look even more like a linen table cloth. With a linen paper, you can achieve an elegant looking certificate that seems and feels expensive.

Laid paper is slightly different from a linen paper. This type of paper resembles the type of paper that was manufactured back when things were still conventional thousand years ago. A linen paper has horizontal and vertical ribs called chain lines that make it look unique. A wire cylinder is used to produce laid paper for it to be able to acquire this distinct texture.

3. Granite Paper

A granite paper has a smooth texture and it looks expensive due to its appearance and strength that resembles a polished granite. It is known for not really having an obvious texture but it is definitely great for certification printing as well as other formal stationery or purposes such as business letterheads, correspondences, presentations, and many others.

Whatever the choice of paper you go with, make sure that you find the best printing service to produce your certificate. Choosing the right printing service is just as important as designing and choosing the right type of paper for your certification. A proper and reputable printing service has the right equipment if not being the latest and they can produce certificates in high quality, even offer you certain types of finishes that can really help you to achieve a better looking certificate.

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