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3 Things You Should Avoid In Making a Poster Stand

by Beth D

Posters are a medium that almost everyone likes. Due to the variety of poster content, people became interested in each poster that was presented. Especially on posters that contain unique information that only a few people may know. This includes the promotion of new products that we have been waiting for. We certainly have visited a shopping centre or public administration where we have encountered a poster stand inside the building. This is very common because the poster stand is a ‘representative’ for those who use it. Usually in shopping centres, we find poster stands with content that contains product offers with discounted prices. On the other hand, in public places or other places, besides containing promos, it also contains infographics on invitations for a clean and healthy life and the benefits we will get. 

Those who make poster stands like this, take the time and effort to come up with a poster stand that can attract attention and eventually gain more traffic and sales. In the process of making one, there are several things you need to pay attention to. Want to know? You can find it in this article, read it until it’s finished. 

1. Putting Too Much Information 

When you want to make information through a printed media, then you want to first list the key information which becomes your selling point. You are strongly advised not to use all the information on limited media like a poster stand. For that, first, make a list and decide what you want to convey to the audience, then put the information on the poster stand. Any other complementary information is stored under the headline. That way, readers or viewers will quickly digest the information. 

2. Not Using a Layout 

You are advised to use a centreed layout, which means that information is centreed on the centre of the poster stand that is made. Avoid randomly storing information for aesthetic purposes, as this will make it difficult to read. There are several other layouts you can search for online. You can also consult to your printing shop or a graphic designer. That way you can easily and freely tell about what kind of poster design you want. One thing I may need to emphasize here is, using a layout is very important, and you strongly advise to use one. 

3. Not Using a Colour or Any Colour 

Not using a colour on a medium that aims to attract people is like eating your soup without any salt in it. Or eating a cheesecake without an actual cheese put in it. There is nothing wrong with how you make things based on your preferences, especially food. However, you need to note that the comparison is very close to the real thing. Now I ask, do you like to read or see something plain (writing and white background) or vice versa? Even the newspaper uses some colour. From now on, you would understand how important colour is, especially on the poster stand. Good luck then! 

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