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3 Best Types of Easel Stand for Artists

by Anaiis Grabeel

Ultimately, painter’s especially professional ones need a easel stand. It is a wonderful tool that can truly boost your comfort as well as productivity. If you haven’t gotten your own easel stand, then it is definitely the right time to get one. But before you make a decision, it is important to first know which kind of easel stand is the best one for you.  

1. H Frame Easel 

The H frame easel is a sturdy type of easel stand that is made of either beech wood, elmwood, or Lyptus wood that is perfect for artists who work with large paintings as it can handle up to 96 inches large canvases. The H frame easel stand is named that way because the frame resembles the letter H. Even though it is sturdy and quite heavy, the H frame easel stand’s angle can be adjusted. And no matter how much you adjust it, the stability of the frame is always preserved well. The H frame is best known for its stability indeed, but of course, it has a downside which is that due to its bulky build, it takes quite a lot of space and it is not very easy to fold for storage. So, if you decide to buy this frame, you have to make sure that you have a studio where you can leave this easel stand as it is without needing it to be stored away. 

2. Lyre Easel 

This type of easel stand is also known as a frame easel. The three frames of this easel stand gives it an A letter shape, so that’s why the Lyre easel stand is also referred to as the A frame easel. This type of easel is less sturdy compared to the H frame easel, but of course, it also comes with an advantage. Since it is not as heavy, it is easier to transport, fold, and store. If you don’t have a really large space working space and need to fold it away once you’re done working, then this type of easel stand is the one for you. Now, for the disadvantage of this easel stand: this type of easel stand can’t be tilted back, so this is most likely not very good for artists who work with watercolours. It can’t also be tilted forward which might cause discomfort for pastellists. 

The Lyre easel stand can hold 38 inches paintings to 75 inches paintings. If you work with larger canvases, then definitely consider H frame easel stand or the Giant easel. 

3. Giant Easel Stand 

The giant easel stand is the one for artists who work with extraordinarily large paintings. This one can hold up to 8 ft paintings and it is made of a material that is extra sturdy and strong for this specific purpose. Compared to the H frame easel, this type of easel is definitely stronger and sturdier. Of course, it is more expensive as well because you will need extra care and handling for its transport.  

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